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uGet 1.10.3 has been RELEASED! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 January 2013 22:33 | Written by Michael Tunnell

About window for uGet 1.10.3


We at uGet are pleased to announced the immediate availability of uGet version 1.10.3. The latest version comes with a new "Mirrors" feature and a new look regarding the App Icon, Tray Icons and Logo (displayed above in the About window). After the break is the changelog and the details of the new release.


uGet 1.10.3 - Changelog

01. Add new download option - "mirrors".

02. Change hotkey, Shift+Delete to delete data, Ctrl+Delete to delete file and data.

03. Changed logo, app icon and tray icons*.

04. Rearrange menu items for better organization.

05. Added & updated translation files.



We kind of made a boo boo with the packaging of the new version which we will correct as soon as possible. The boo boo was regarding the tray icon used with Ubuntu themes. I created new uGet tray icons for Ubuntu Ambiance and Ubuntu Radiance that look quite can look in this blog post to see a preview of the icons. Unfortunately, the icons were not correctly packaged for the themes which resulted in the new standard green icons being used. I will release the new icons for Ambiance and Radiance for those who can't wait but there is also an option to hide the tray icon in the settings until the fix is out.


So what is the new "Mirrors" feature exactly?

The new Mirrors or Multi-Source feature is actually quite awesome and I'm excited to tell you about it. uGet now allows users to download a single file from multiple sources (servers) to increase the speed of a download.


For example: lets say you want to download a new video from your favorite podcast. Lets say this podcast hosts their files on multiple different servers for convenience to their users. So you start the download of one of the sources and then you take the other sources and put them in the "Mirrors" field to increase the speed.


Podcast Downloads as:

Main Source:



Resulting in 6 Total Sources being downloaded from combining into 1 file. You can also add multiple connections to these mirrors making the download even faster!


Awesome, right?!?




Anyway, we could have delayed the release to get the tray icons packaged correctly but we wanted to get this feature out to everyone so people can enjoy such an awesome feature.


So what do you think of the latest release? How much does the tray icon misspackage bother you?

Let us know on the forum thread or in the comments below...



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