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uGet for Android 1.1.2 Now Available PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 September 2015 16:37 | Written by Michael Tunnell

Download uGet for Android 1.1.2


We are very excited to announce the latest version of uGet for Android with the release of 1.1.2.  uGet for Android is no longer in Beta Testing phase but it is still not available through the Play Store but it will be added to the Play Store in a future version. To learn more about this release please click the read more button..


uGet 1.1.2 for Android

* Please uninstall older version(<1.0.9) before you install this version.

This version must running at Android 4+



  1. curl plug-in: fix memory leak and avoid accessing NULL pointer.
  2. curl plug-in: create new file with correct size if file size is not the same.
  3. curl plug-in: create new file only in first connection.
  4. curl plug-in: change setting's file name if plug-in created new file.
  5. replace invalid characters \/:*?"<>| by _ in filename.
  6. Don't resume file with incorrect aria2 control file (no bit field).


  1. curl plug-in: create new download file if file size is not the same.
  2. curl plug-in: use common user & password by default.
  3. curl plug-in: response error if post or cookie file not found.
  4. curl plug-in: don't create aria2 control file if download file create failed.
  5. curl plug-in: if error occurred while allocating disk space, delete created download file.
  6. curl plug-in: count downloaded size after splitting download. (avoid progress > 100%)
  7. avoid crash if user doesn't specify argument value. (JSON-RPC)
  8. When creating folder failed, check folder exists before returning error.
  9. update OpenSSL to 2015-06-15 (from Google Git repo)
  10. update libcurl to 7.44


  1. Change layout of download item
  2. Change Retry and Message color in download item.
  3. update libcurl to 7.42.1


Are you excited about uGet for Android as much as we are? Either way, let us know in the comments section below or if preferred just make a reply on the forum.



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