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Thursday, 26 May 2016 01:36 | Written by Michael Tunnell

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We're excited to announce a new release of uGet for Android available in the Google Play Store. We've been quite on the news front but we've still been coding away on all of the uGet apps. Since our last Android related post we've made 14 release updates and over 50 notable changes so we can't wait to hear all of your opinions on uGet for Android!



v1.2.11 Changes:

  1. curl plug-in: Fix a bug that causes authentication failed.
  2. remove advertisement after showing ad 20 seconds.
  3. add russian translation file.

v1.2.10 Changes:

  1. save/restore first visible position in download list when user rotate device.
  2. In speed limit mode, program adjust existing task speed when adding new task.
  3. adjust layout of advertisement.
  4. Fix: item in download list doesn't show icon in some case.
  5. Fix: if syntax error in clipboard file types, it throws PatternSyntaxException.

v1.2.9 Changes:

  1. use ProGuard to shrink package.
  2. Fix: Program stop download queuing in some case.

v1.2.8 Changes:

  1. Fix: Program crash when user delete category.
  2. Fix: Incorrect encoding on some characters (e.g. French characters)

v1.2.7 Changes:

  1. Fix: Program stop to work if user activate download in sorted list.

v1.2.6 Changes:

  1. upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.1s (for security volnerabilities)
  2. upgrade libcurl to 7.48.0

v1.2.5 Changes:

  1. Revert URI decoder to old version, it may fix incorrect encoding on some characters.

v1.2.4 Changes:

  1. curl plug-in: improve downloaded segment handler.
  2. curl plug-in: set min split size to 10 MiB.
  3. curl plug-in: adjust speed if plug-in add/remove segments in speed limit mode.
  • This version fix bug that download speed is slow when progress near 100%
  • If you usually get error message "Incorrect source", I suggest you use this version.

v1.2.3 Changes:

  1. adjust layout of message field in download item.
  2. curl plug-in: fix a bug that downloaded file may be incomplete in some case.
  3. aria2 plug-in: fix a memory leak.

v1.2.2 Changes:

  1. Fix: processing shared link each time when user rotate device.
  2. Fix: offline mode not work if "Go offline if no WiFi connection" is disabled.
  3. Fix: Program may crash when user delete, move, start, or pause item.

v1.2.1 Changes:

  1. uGet can monitor YouTube URL and download it's video file (Beta).
  2. Add a option to clear clipboard after uGet accept a downloadable URL.
  3. Save data when user switch uGet to background.
  4. curl plug-in: Don't assign data if plug-in start failed.
  5. curl plug-in: avoid showing "99:99:99" in "elapsed" when downloading start.
  6. curl plug-in: avoid reporting "Incorrect source" when downloading finished.
  7. Fix: Program stop running download when user set "Runnable" to it.
  • Because Android system may delete background app when low memory, this version clear clipboard and save data many times to avoid some strange problem.

v1.2.0a Changes:

  1. Fix: uGet may crash when user remove it from recent apps in some device.
  2. curl plug-in: Don't check post and cookie file if no HTTP data.
  3. Because Google Play developer console report a crash bug in Galaxy Tab3 7.0, I add some error prevention mechanism in this version.

v1.2.0 Changes:

  1. User can "force start" download in offline mode.
  2. When device shutdown, program will exit and save data.
  3. When program exit, it will remove notification.
  4. When downloads complete and screen is off, program release CPU resource.
  5. change color of progress bar for Android 5.
  6. Fix: uGet can't keep selection when user rotate device.
  7. Fix: uGet stop downloading when the screen shuts off.
  8. Fix: uGet may stop working when user switch it to background.
  9. Fix: Settings - "Exit on back pressed" does not work correctly.

v1.1.5 Changes:

  1. curl plug-in: Disable SSL verification for host.
  2. Fix: Can't stop all task when program into offline mode.
  3. Fix: uGet doesn't accept url when user share link to it.


We are so excited for the future of uGet, are you? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this new version.

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