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phpBB Forum Default Settings Bug FIXED! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 September 2012 06:23 | Written by Michael Tunnell

Well we had another Support Fail but this time I am happy to say it was not "my fault". :) I created a forum with phpBB to provide support for users...and unfortunately it seems that phpBB's default forum permissions settings is "Read Only" meaning no one could reply and no one could make a new topic (except me as an admin)


So people were joining and then stuck, THANKS phpBB! Way to consider the only default setting that would instantly break a new install.


Anyway, I fixed the permissions issues and the forum now works like it should have be default...Users can create accounts, make new topics, post replies, make polls, all that good stuff. Even allowing Guests to reply to posts and vote on polls but to create polls or make new posts you will need to register. (this is for a level of spam prevention)

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