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Contribute Code

Interested in contributing code to uGet?

Awesome! We appreciate any contributions but code contributions are very nice indeed. :) You can download the tarball, fork the source on SourceForge or download the code via Git. If you just use the tarball then submit your changes via the uGet Forum, if you are forking on SourceForge then submit via SF.

The source code to uGet is available as a .tar.gz file in the Downloadables, via the Master Tree URL or with Read-Only Access via Git.

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Why SourceForge instead of GitHub?

The answer is actually quite simple. uGet started in 2003, 5 years before Github was launched. SourceForge was the only option at the time and it still provides all of the services that we need including integration with "Git". Until SourceForge stops being a viable option we simply have no reason to switch.

That isn't the only reason, GitHub is great but it doesn't offer a place to upload packages (just a master package) and then provide statistics on those files. SourceForge does provide that feature and even breaks it down on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and all time statistics. Until GitHub provides features that SourceForge offers then we can't use it, unless we move to another solution for the downloads and stats and then GitHub for the source but not sure of the options for that.