How To Use the uGet Scheduler

How To Use the uGet Scheduler


This video explains how to use the Scheduler in uGet. At first it is a bit confusing as to how it works and might feel a bit awkward but once you know how to use it then you will see it is very easy and also very powerful.




How to Download Multiple Files Easily (aka Batch Downloading)


The following video explains how to use uGet to do batch downloading which refers to adding multiple files to the queue simultaneously for downloading. This video tutorial talks about the Clipboard Monitor, URL Sequence Downloads, Importing from .TXT and .HTML files and using Flashgot through Firefox. I may write a transcript for this video at some point but this video should be plenty to explain it. :)




Changing the Default Download Location/Folder


This process is actually very easy to do...the way to do it is editing the properties of the Home category which is the only category by default.


Textual Walkthrough:

  1. Right click the Home category in the uGet main window.
  2. Select "Properties".
  3. Click the 2nd tab at the top, "Default for new download 1".
  4. Change this setting to whatever location/folder you want to be the default for this category.

This feature and tutorial is not limited to just the Home category...this can be done with as many categories as you want to make allowing you to easily switch between many different default settings and folders.


Visual Walkthrough:

uGet - Changing the Default Download Location/Folder