Info: What is uGet?

uGet is a lightweight and full-featured Download Manager for Linux and Windows. uGet allows you to download in multiple parallel streams for download acceleration, put files in a Download Queue, Pause & Resume downloads, Advanced Category Management, Browser Integration, Clipboard Monitoring, Batch Downloads, localized into 23 Languages, and many more features.


uGet's Downloads page (http://ugetdm.com/downloads) includes over 25 packages for various Linux distributions including but not limited to: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Slackware, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Mageia; and a portable app for Windows.

Info: is uGet Free or does it cost money?

uGet is a FREE (as in freedom and as in beer) and Open Source application, so we do not charge for the application and we do not limit usage of the application in any way.

Info: What is the uGet license?

uGet is a Free and Open Source software that is licensed under LGPL. This applies only to people who want to use our application in code or something else that might require a legal license. Regular uGetters can simply ignore this question. :)

Info: What is uGet made in/with?

uGet written in C with GTK+, using cURL and libcurl for the backened. (there is uglib but it is a static library)

aria2 is also used as an optional backend to add even more functionality via the aria2 Plugin.

Info: Where did the name uGet come from?

The original name for this project was "UrlGet" but it was later changed to "urlgfe" (not sure what gfe stands for).


The name was changed again to "Uget" to go back to a similar name to the original project name but shortened and to give it a better "flow"... and so the RL in URL was dropped to just U making it "Uget".

Eventually we decided that Uget just looked a bit "off" so we changed it to a more stylized version by making the "u" lowcase and the "g" uppercase which makes "uGet".


uGet can be interpreted in multiple ways such as "You Get", "URL Get" and etc but we pronounce it as "You Get" so take that as you will.

Info: Why is uGet labeled on Facebook as UGet?

Facebook has a pointless rule that requires all facebook pages to have the title of the page begin with a capital letter, so basically we didn't have a choice.

Info: Why SourceForge instead of GitHub?

The answer is actually quite simple. uGet started in 2003, 5 years before Github was launched. SourceForge was the only option at the time and it still provides all of the services that we need including integration with "Git". Until SourceForge stops being a viable option we simply have no reason to switch.


That isn't the only reason, GitHub is great but it doesn't offer a place to upload packages (just a master package) and then provide statistics on those files. SourceForge does provide that feature and even breaks it down on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and all time statistics. Until GitHub provides features that SourceForge offers then we can't use it, unless we move to another solution for the downloads and stats and then GitHub for the source but not sure of the options for that.

Help: How do you change the Default Folder?

There are not any global defaults, instead all of the Defaults are controlled via the categories. Edit the properties of the Home category or create a new category. For more info and step by step instructions please read the tutorial.

Help: Why does the uGet System Tray menu icon not have the Download Arrow from the uGet logo?

The uGet System Tray Menu uses three icons: "uG" without download arrow, "uG" with download arrow, and "uG" with an "X" in the middle.

Without download arrow = standard idle usage, not downloading anything.
With download arrow = something is being downloaded
With X = there was some kind of error

So the download arrow is there while downloading to indicate that something is downloading...when the downloads finish then the arrow goes away.

Help: The green "uG" panel icon doesn't look right in my theme, how can I fix this?

I built a "quick fix" for this which requires a bit of effort to do but I am working on a full iconset for this to be installed very easily which I expect to have finished shortly. If you'd like to wait for the iconset then that is fine or you can manually do it with this quick fix and tutorial.

Help: "Shutdown when downloads complete" is not working.

We are aware of this. We implemented this feature many years ago when the shutdown commands did not require root permissions to run. Due to kernel changes the commands now require Root access.


First Solution:

Running uget-gtk with gksu will solve this on a per session basis but it will not solve it permanently. For more information go to this forum post.


Second Solution:

Wait. :) We are working on a permanent solution which we expect to have finished by version 1.10.5. In the meantime, the gksu option is all that can be done right now.