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uGet Manpage


       uget-gtk - a lightweight and very powerful download manager.

       uget-gtk [options] [URL]

   Help Options:
       -?, --help
              Show help options.

              Show all help options.

              Show GTK+ Options

   Application Options:
              add download directly. Don't show dialog.

              add download to Nth category. (default -1)

              placed download file in FOLDER.

              set download filename to FILE.

              set both ftp and http user to USER.

              set both ftp and http password to PASS.

              set proxy type to N. (0=Don't use)

              set proxy host to HOST.

              set proxy port to PORT.

              set USER as proxy username.

              set PASS as proxy password.

              set http user to USER.

              set http password to PASS.

              include `Referer: URL' header in HTTP request.

              load cookies from STRING.

              load cookies from FILE.

              use the POST method; send STRING as the data.

              use the POST method; send contents of FILE

              set ftp user to USER.

              set ftp password to PASS.

              X display to use

What is a Manpage?

  • Manpages (abbreviation for "manual pages") are the extensive documentation that comes preinstalled with almost all substantial UNIX-like operating systems. The command used to display them is man.

    The manpage for the uGet Download Manager breaks down the command-line parameters / options available for usage in a terminal.

    You can view a similar result by running "man uget-gtk" in your terminal or by running "uget-gtk --help" but this page will always be the most up to date option.